Adiel Shulhani


“Discovery is seeing what everyone else sees but thinking what no one else has thought.” – Arthur Schopenhauer


A qualified lawyer in 2 common law jurisdictions – the UK (as a Solicitor of England and Wales) and Israel (as an Advocate).

As a former associate in one of Israel’s largest and reputable law firms (top-ten list), advised to parties involved in considerable commercial and construction activities, including massive domestic and multi-national construction contracts, and obtained a genuine understanding and know-how of construction-related legal matters.

Provided ongoing and continuous legal advice to the contractor in the Israel Railway Electrification Project, and to the EPC entity in the Jerusalem Light Rail Project, one of the most expensive and complex B.O.T projects ever made in Israel. Specializes in advising to PPP Projects’ concessionaires and contractors through all phases of a project’s life, including, inter alia, providing contract managment services, on-going legal management of demands and claims against employers’, subcontractors’ and third parties, and compliance with law and project documents. Also advising on construction-related contentious matters, both in pre-litigation and litigation phases.

In addition, gained vast experience in Intellectual-property related practices, advising on a variety of international high-scale IT, Telecom & Media transactions. As a former senior member in the legal department of Israel’s sole provider of multi-channel television services via satellite, gained an extensive working knowledge dealing with IT and Telecom agreements.

Also specializes in TV licensing and distribution agreements, and has negotiated and advised on hundreds of multi-national TV licensing Agreements (channels and content purchasing), with all types of studios and distributers, including the Majors, becoming one of Israel’s most experienced lawyers in this niche.

PPP projects, Construction Law, Technology, Media & Telecommunications.

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